Which system do you like

There are 2 systems for you to choose. Both of them have the same subscription fee.

System A. The system gives several signals every day and can gain/lose several percent per month but overall still makes some profit. Let’s say it beats spx index.

System B. The system uses full buying power to buy and hold a very good stock for months. Let’s say the system bot jva 3 months ago around 5 and now it is over 20.

I bet most people will choose system A instead of B. because they think they get a good deal to buy many signal for the same money they pay. They may think it is too expensive to pay the same money for just 1 signal for months for system B. Another reason is the system A has many signal and the trading is significantly statistical meaningfull. For system B they might think it might be the developer’s luck (althoug the developer did a lot of homework).