White Space in System Description

Hello Matthew,

My long system description has excessive spacing. Can this be tightened up a bit please.

Thank You,


ETF Trend Surfer


There is also excessive spacing in my system description. This appears to be a new problem that started with the last day or two.

I also have that problem for ETF VOLATILITY TIMER. When I last updated my system description over a month ago, there were excessive blank spaces inserted by C2 in the long system description.

I actually deleted the blank spaces and saved the changes, however, my changes were never made and the excessive blank spaces are still there.


Mine has quite a bit too, did you guys insert breaks,
in your descriptions? I had a couple but now they seemed to have multiplied :slight_smile: They are like Tribbles!

Is anyone from C2 going to answer the concerns expressed on this forum regarding the excessive white spaces in the system descriptions???



This issue will be fixed within 24 hours. You can resubmit your system descriptions then. Thanks for your patience.

- Alen (help@collective2.com)