Who´s wrong? C2 or TRADEX

I´m a subscriber to TRADEX. There was a BTO issued yesterday (14th) before markets opened , to buy ES at 1269,08 . I was promptly filled at 1269,25 . Todays TRADEX file shows that the order was filled at 1278 almost $ 500 slippage per contract? I cant believe this.

Any explanation??

I also havent received a new profit stop or stoploss. Whats going on??


Ottmar Frank

The trade you mention was for the electronic “big S&P” contract – not the Emini. The big S&P electronic contract starts trading after the markets close in New York. Thus, the fill received by this trading system was correct. Note the fill time listed by C2 is at 4:30 PM ET.

Thanks and sorry I missed this detail. Still it is not realy understandable for me, why orders for and only for contracts are given at market opening time which can only be executed after closing. This looks rather mysterious fo me.

Could you find out this for me, as there is no forum for TRADEX (I have subscibed).



Ottmar: There should be a link on the system’s page to contact the vendor directly. Hans.

Hans, you are correct, there is a link. But due to the small fee I always hesitate to disturb the vendors with my naive newbie questions. If C2 considered subscribers to be their customers as well as vendors, they should shield vendors from customers and vice versa.

But good customer service would also include control of vendors definitions ( Hawk-FX: All positions hedged – but in reality not) , promised account size, consistency of underlyings (mini or big), autotrading possible (C2 claims all are) etc…

I dont intend to bash vendors or c2, but more, clear and standard system description istead of sometimes car salesmen poetry would be helpful.

I have subscribed to a few systems and plan to do some more - I dont want to find out afterwards that I could have had a free trial or even a free subscription instead of pay a fee (which I mostly consider moderate).

Hans, I also subscribed to your system. I think times are in favour of good commodity systems. Still more structered info would lead to more trials and thus sales.


Ottmar Frank


thanks for your kind reply, ButHow can you trade a “BIG S & P” with a $ 10000 account, as said in system description. The full contract requires $ 19688 margin, so 25-30K min account required.


Ottmar: Thanks for the comments, but don’t hesitate to contact me either directly or via the forum. And, for what it’s worth, I’m working on system developments to address some of the issues that you bring up - especially regarding account size.

You need to talk to the system vendor. His C2 account started with $100,000. What he claims in his system desciption about necessary account size is up to him.