Why a custom loss can not be set

I was unable to set a stop loss of my choosing. I was only allowed to select from a drop down list of approximately 20 values in increments of $500. I contacted C2 and received the following reply:


I have checked with my developer colleagues and they confirmed that no custom SL can be entered, only the set values.
I’m sorry for not being able to provide the expected answer.

Cristian Ene
Help Desk:

Is there a rational reason behind this?

I think that C2 is the only platform I know that actually removes useful features at each release… All while increasing prices threefold. Good job, folks !

I agree. At one new release the ability to download csv files disappeared. Matthew stated that it was just a mistake and made that available again. Also, one time they removed the listing of real brokerage fills saying they added little value. They did not realize how as system followers we wanted to see how are fills compared with other system subscribers. We had to beg to have that added again. I am sure the number of useful features will continue to diminish while prices will continue to skyrocket.

Which screen you are referring to?
As I can set any stop loss I want, there is no drop down. Just enter price.

It is the trade management for autotrade settings. It is the screen for system subscribers to set their own stop loss for open positions.

Can u just go to ur brokerage app and set stoploss price? That’s what I do because the leader has more risk tolerance than me.

How do you do that with autotrade on and keep in sync with the system?

I am not sure why C2 would take such a measure. Are you sure that a custom stop loss can not be placed? They have been helping subscribers for several years with the custom stop loss. The programming logic already exists and has been a proven asset for the mental health of autotraders. Will we soon be told what system to subscribe to and at what scaling factor is best for us?