Another Failure in C2

Always be aware with C2 program because like right now, Even though the developer closed position, It supposedly profitable, but ended up become loses. So disappointed with C2 system works.
The first position is Open sell in AUDUSD 120,000 since I need to close my position, I order buy AUDUSD 120,000. but the result was double , I have a new buy position AUDUSD 120,000
There is 2 system failure: 1. the system doesn’t close when the developer closed his positions
2. Even though you try to manage close manually in C2 website, it will ended you will have a new position

Conclusion : if you have big size position and you trade in volatile market like gold, good luck. Apologize doesn’t solve the issue, so disappointed.

Sam - I’m afraid I don’t understand what this post means.

The appropriate thing to do is to send an email to us at, and either I or one of my colleagues will try to help you. Although I don’t really understand exactly what you posted here, it sounds like you tried to manually trade alongside your AutoTrading. Let’s see if we can help you via email.

I’ll have someone reach out to you via email after we look at your audit log and can better understand your post above.