Why is the tracking not accurate

I don’t understand. There was a huge gap up on the ES futures starting Sunday evening, yet the gap was entirely ignored and my set target is the price registered in my system. So if there had been a 100 point gap down, my system would not have registered a loss?

This is a very poor way of tracking results.

Hi, Seth:

I’ll take a look.

In general, if someone is actually trading your system in a real broker account, we use the live fill prices from real accounts as a basis for hypothetical fills.

Since no one is actually following your trading system, we make a best effort to simulate hypothetical fills based on quote feeds. We’re generally pretty good at it, but we can sometimes see bad ticks, particularly around market opening or closing.

The best thing to do in these cases (until you actually have real live traders, when this issue won’t occur) is to report the problem using a trouble ticket, and someone here will investigate and fix. Of course we share with you the desire to make sure your hypothetical track record is as accurate as possible.

I’ll take a look now; there’s no need to fill out a trouble ticket in this case.


Thanks. Please let me know.