Why no body answer me?


why no one answers me

i need the demo video which demonatrate the the orders window

i have a serious problem collective 2 doesn’t make partial close

when i close half of my trade they does not close they write we close 1 but when i see profit of this one i don’t find any thing

please help

There is no single video which exactly answers your question.

And your question isn’t entirely clear. Let me try to give you an example which perhaps will help.

Let’s imagine you open a long position of 10 EURUSD

To partially close your position at the market, enter:

Sell To Close 5 @ Market

To set a profit target that partially closes half your position, enter:

Sell To Close 5 @ Limit [ProfitTarget]

thnx so much for reply ,

ok i got that point, but when i first opened my account on collective 2 i saw a complete video how to deal with orders that video i was asking about, but it is ok now,

thnx so much