Why some strategies are not searchable on "Leader Borad"?

Do the the strategy makers pay to make their strategy searchable? If not, why some are not searchable?

All public active strategies can be found in the grid but not necessarily in the leader board …

Thanks. That is my questions. Why not all are searchable on Leader Board?

leader board is just for the leaders and no you dont pay to get there …


Sure. But some strategies are negative return. Don’t know how they are leaders…

Which one ?..

Not now. Once a while, you will find negative return strategy on Leader board.

“Regular Income” has a return of 2.3% with 4.2% dragdown. Don’t understand why this one is a leader. Is there a equation to define the “leader” ?

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If you are really interesting in this question, you could make an effort and search a forum here. Matthew answered this question several times.

I guess it is called a “Leader” Board for a reason, or else it would defeat the whole purpose of calling it as such. If you want to search, sort, filter etc, you can do it on the Grid.

The Leader Board is strictly based on C2 scores (by default in Descending Order). The methodology used to calculate the C2 scores (which rewards “older” systems with “stable” performance) can be disputed but that’s what determines the Leader Board.

A side note, why do you continue to mention “dragdown” when talking about a Draw Down?

Thanks to KT3 and Andrey!