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Please note I have created a strategy named Killer Options… I made 9.1 % last month and I see strategies that are below zero on the leaderboard. may I ask why mine is not on the leaderboard?


This is a user forum, if you want an answer from C2 you should contact support.

I think it depends on the amount of time the strategy has been active.
You also had a >30% drawdown in your first month so I wouldn’t expect to see your strategy on the leaderboard anytime soon.

Systems are randomly selected by our software based on a proprietary math algorithm. There is no guarantee that any system performing well, will appear on the list. Once a strategy is selected by our proprietary selection algorithm (some of it is indeed randomization), it remains on the Leader Board section until the next selection event.

Hmm. That FAQ is not exactly correct. They are not “randomly selected.” (!) They are simply “selected.” I’ll make sure that wording is clarified.

So, who will be selected and based on what criteria?

its prob still based on c2 score.

I am really waiting for the response on this… My strategy is number one on “the Grid” for the last 30 day, but it does not appear on the leader board. get we get a clear criteria for this Please…

Good thing leader board is not based on 30 day performance.

Which leader board are you talking about? Do you even fit the criteria? 6 month history, low draw down, high c2 score?

I think you haven’t gone though the whole site.

Please see

Where is that criteria, you are talking about?

@PuleTshabalala, your system had a 30% drawdown in the first week of trading, and other systems you created also had huge drawdowns almost immediately. Your systems are also barely a month old and are charging $500. Those reasons are why people are not subscribing. Not because it doesn’t show up on the leaderboard.

Also, in what criteria is your strategy #1 on the grid?

Focus on your trading and creating a good track record from here on out and don’t worry about the grid/leaderboard. Even if people see it I doubt you would get any subscribers yet. Over time if you truly have a good strategy you will get alot of subscribers.


  1. you got it wrong, please understand my question, i don’t want people to subscribe, i want criteria…
  2. profit % in the last 30 days
  3. thanks for the advice, but i also have to understand how Collective.com Operate since it totally different from my trading platform hence i started with big draw down but after understanding then all that i fixed. so my questions are based on operation not trading

Are you trolling? Are you talking about the leader board or the grid?

The screenshot you post only show us 1/3 of the columns. So you are hiding the column you has sorted by to get your strategy on top.

There is leaderboard page, which has a c2 algorithm ranking. The grid has no leaderboard, so I think you are just trolling to get attention.

This is what he sorted on. I have no idea why - not sure who would choose a strategy based on 30 day % profit. Sounds like a terrible idea.

Again, my point is - don’t worry about ranking or leaderboard or anything else. If you have a good system, over time you will rise to the top and do fine. If your initial drawdown was indeed due to operational error, I would restart a system now that you have it figured out - a 30% drawdown will turn alot of people away.

I believe leaderboard only shows strategies that are AT LEAST 90 days old, otherwise you can easily get to the top with a 1 day old strategy

Guy… Please stop answering cause you are really lost rather people who understand me should answer.
you are really not answering me.

There is your real answer. 6 month to qualify. It’s all int he FAQ

@ OSUTAI You really don’t know what you talking about.
@Dog you got the ideas but i gave you the reason and my question, you really not understanding.

My Question is “WHAT IS THE CRITERIA?” if you don’t know just don’t answer.

@SD… Thanks you for understanding my question… I understand, but i wanted to know a full criteria… and the person who created this should be the one who knows, since iam new here, whoever have went through and understand better then me should assist.