Why these EUU6 orders all got canceled?

Hi Matthew,

I just found that the following EUU6 GTC orders all got canceled while I haven’t done anything to cancel them. Could you please take a look. Thanks.


Canceled 9/3/2006 Sell to open 1 @EUU6 @ limit 1.2903 GTC

Canceled 9/3/2006 Sell to open 1 @EUU6 @ limit 1.2918 GTC

Canceled 9/4/2006 Sell to open 1 @EUU6 @ limit 1.2879 GTC

Canceled 9/5/2006 Sell to open 1 @EUU6 @ limit 1.2864 GTC


We decided last night to implement a new logic: that once a position has been closed and flattened, all "orphaned" opening signals which were posted before the closing trade should be canceled.

This would prevent synchronicity problems with AutoTrading.

I have removed this feature while we reconsider the implications.

Please re-enter your orders. I apologize for this hasty change. It has now been disabled while I review.



Are you sure that feature has been disabled? The reason I ask is that after your reply I still saw the same problem happened again (a STO order was canceled by C2 after my EUU6 short was closed at 1.2790).

In my opinion that “feature” should never be enabled. It not only doesn’t make any sense but also could be a potential trouble-maker for system developers.