Wire transfer as payment method


I would suggest offering a new payment method on top of PayPal and cheques : international wire transfers. That is, even if you have to request for a fee paid by the us, system developpers (ZuluTrade charges $25 for Us wires and $40 for international)

Why ?

  1. Last time I checked, all the trading signals (ZuluTrade, United Signals, MyFxBook, etc) companies do…

  2. Cheques are becoming obsolete in Europe and probably other parts of the world. There are many banks that have discontinued their use (issuance) and also are now refusing cheque deposits.
    Some other banks ban deposits of cheques in USD while still accepting wire transfers in USD, because they fear to do business with the USA and their compliance authority (i.e. UBS in Switzerland or BPA in Andorra affairs)

  3. PayPal can allow to receive payments in most countries of the world but there are quite a lot of countries where you cannot withdraw back the funds to a local bank account. Consequently, the money received becomes useless if you don’t want to spend it again through PayPal payments. I live in such country but there are many small to medium ones with this problem.

I am in this scenario where the actual means of payment offered by C2 lead me nowhere satisfactorily and that will prevent me to renew subscription. in fact, stopped trading already.

Wire transfers are so common and universal. Please consider that option. Thanks

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