Wron record

STO 200 AMZN 48.45 7/12/04 10:40 BTC 200 48.10 7/21/04 9:31 $70 $0 $0 $70

I placed “stop order” to btc AMZN at 48.10, the high price of AMZN at 7/21/04 is 47.6, so this record is wron.

happy trading A

If you shorted the stock at 48.45 how is your stop at 48.10? it should be limit not “stop order” stop order should be higher when you shorting the stock, lol :slight_smile:

Actually, you placed a limit order to buy at 48.10 or better. Your trade should have been filled at the market open of 47.32. I am adjusting your fill accordingly and trying to search the server logs to see why you were filled incorrectly. Thanks for pointing this out.