Wrong dd info and no "fix" button

Hi Matthew,

I noticed the max adverse drawdown shown for one of my closed trades (id: 32596518) appears to be miscalculated; there is no “fix” button to report it, so therefore I report it here. The figure shown by C2 is ($2,735). I don’t know exactly the correct drawdown, except that it can’t exceed ($250) by definition.


Check this out to report problems:



Thanks Ironcito, but that page refers to reporting problems with fills. My problem is not about a fill, but about a particular statistic shown by C2. The usual way of reporting a problem with this statistic is to click the "fix" button, but somehow there is no such button for this particular trade.

Hi ST:

I have been following your "system" that looks so very, very promising. I mean at C2 your annual average may seem pale - but get 1-2 years stacked up of data and well you get the picture (if this is consistent - which it much seems - it ranks tops in the history of the world!).

But that said - I am curious regarding your DD. It seems that VNDA may have been the culprit, but you are right in that theoretically your loss is limited and in fact the stock never sank very much (until lately, lol).

Hope MK fixes this ASAP, since barring some strange deviation, you got a great system.


PS I now see the DD is mostly due to Fri.-Mon. ~$400 drop between two issues "put" to you.


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your kind words. Perhaps you should become a subscriber? Just to clarify, I don’t think the wrong drawdown figure for VNDA is distorting the equity curve. It’s only erroneously reported in the individual trade statistics.