Ymmagic aggressive

Hello Sir. It’s been a while. I recall you asking me in this forum several months ago, what did I think had changed with regards to my trading. And why did I think my strategy at the time, would last more than a month.
Seems like a question with a simple and short explanation. I thought about the question for some time. But only now am I able to answer it.
The biggest difference is psychological. I have always been able to profit from trading. Then, I would lose interest. As if the job was complete. Of course it wasn’t. Losses would follow. The other thing is this. As a trader, one should not get caught up in the prescribed methods and rules many teach and write books about. It is useless. I ventured off into attempting to create a strategy with the perfect drawdown and just the right amount of leverage. And never adding to losing positions. There are many more.
For me, focusing on these things takes away from the most important thing. Exit and entry.

So these days I just do me. Caus it’s what I do best. Sure I have predetermined leverage and stoploss. But when it’s time to trade, I just trade.
I have decided that I like C2 and I want to be here until I am no longer able to trade. So JITF, I am here for the duration. Same strategy. Same approach. Let’s hope it’s for many years.

What you can be sure of is…
My strategy will produce profit…a plenty.

This did not age well. I’m curious as to what happened? I’ve been watching your strategy since you posted this. I saw one bad day but a good recovery then all of a sudden a 90% drop in one day.

Looks like MNQH20 happened, over leverage…

Strategy as it is for today, went private.
Strategy live, in case if it was a mistake or profit will come back.

By the way, thank you for the new thread answering me. Such a honor.