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In search of 2 good strategy


i stopped subbing to 2 strategies today, I realized they cant handle downturn in the market. 1 broke their rule on trading 1-2 future contract only, he doubled down 2 weeks ago now im at 6 futures contract after 3 week of pull back. I realize i need to get out before its too late. (im still holding onto 4 contacts, just not auto trading it)

2nd strategy im just not liking the he way he trades, he brought dips with 1 future contract got out with a small loss. But he keep buying the dip 5-8 times a day and prob have 30+ losing trades in a row now. he just rinse and repeat the same way last 3 weeks.

Now in search of 2 new strategy to auto-trade. Im on grid searching, i type in 10% TOS, minimum annual return at 20%, length of history 365 days. and I got 10 strategy fits that requirement.

10!!! really? is that criteria that much to ask for? but i guess so.

now im asking for the forum help on a couple recommendation on a couple strategy they would recommend.


@OSUTAI, I don’t really like to recommend any strategies because there is no gain but blame if the strategies start to lose money

But you may consider these 2:

  1. ETF Leverage Reversal
  2. VolatilityTrader

Both are TOS and are quite consistent from my point of view. If they start to suddenly lose money please don’t blame me…lol


thanks, i been in VT over 2 yrs already. But i will definitely check out ETF leverage reversal.

I will do my own homework on anything i see on forums or any recommendation as long as developer not pumping their own strategy. and If i lose money i got no one to blame but my self.

I try to have atleast 5 strategy active to stay diversify, now i’m down to 3. and i d’ont mind non-TOS strategy as long its been around 6 month+ with real subscribers.


For NON-TOS i have been keeping my eye on a few:

TradeMate NQ Swing
Nasdaq ETF Timer

The last one seems to have an average down occasionally so I would put an asterisk on that one to keep an eye on.


But please do research before committing to any of these to match your risk tolerance, annual gain, drawdowns, etc. since everyone has different criteria.


good day, the NQU8 system may be worth your consideration / review


Good systems - PFSignal com | Myfxmap com


Wow, only 10… out of more than 500 strategies… i just wish Killer Option had that long History, Killer Options would have met your requirements.


First of all, I’m sorry the two strategies have been disappointing to you. In my search for decent algorithms, I too find unusual trades not-in-line with the description and, when on forum questioned about, are just set aside by the words: “don’t worry, you’ll profit.”

Toward your request for a new strategy with, I guess 10% dd? TOS, >20% annual return, 1-year history, there are quite a few problems I can name for you:

1: 10% drawdown on a >20% annual return will, combined, result in 90% chance on going for a stock algorithm. Why?

Their volatility often are low and algorithms often use stop/loss to minimize drawdown. However, their net results are not great. I’ve researched 12 stock-trading algorithms that are considered “most popular” in the past 2 months, and their results are a let-down.

The average results are not too awesome either, going on to be on the bottom half of profitable for half the year. However, they are more safe and less volatile. If I were to suggest a consistent, popular, stock algorithm, then I would suggest nothing as there is a suggestion a market crash is impendent, which probably will only make things worse

Then again, what if it doesn’t crash, I am no fortune teller. I can suggest going currencies, but these are often not older than a few months. Their drawdowns are also higher. I would suggest systems like PFSignal (a very active guy), for a relatively cheap, stable method (DD=23%). A system like Bijagual can spike, but fall just as hard.

I will suggest not looking towards Futures, their market in these times have cause the sudden fall of strong algorithms and the removal of prominent ones as well. Do not look into futures if you want a stable net return.

All in all, I would suggest looking into the market situation as of now, as I follow the market every day and there is a high insecure market right now, which will not benefit your request for a stable means of return.

This is my personal opinion, it is based on what I have researched in 2 months thus far, any objective criticism is always welcome.


Yes, @PuleTshabalala you system is still too young to merit serious consideration so keep up the track record building. If you keep this pace you will get subs.


Thank you very much that, I will do my best to keep up with the pace…

Kind Regards


I always liked this guy because he kept it to 1, rarely 2 contracts so the % won’t look as good, but it could be scaled up proportionally by subscribers (what most people don’t realize).
However this year has been a disaster and will probably be the end for him.


It’s the end of a lot of future-trading algorithms if the trend continues through the last 2 months.


The Bob Dylan sp500 seems unable to adapt to this year’s change in volatility it seems. Markets will change characteristics Not bad for a few years back though.


I still think this algorithm survived for way longer than most future-trading algorithms survive, so hats off to that part.


Good to see trademate on the radar :wink:


There is only 10 because the TOS requirement. But as I expected.


I search was not 10% drawdown. Just 10% TOS. Drawdown wasn’t on my requirement. With no limit on drawdown, still only 10 strategy shown on the grid.


Then I had mistaken you, my bad, which not really affects my conclusion, as TOS is really difficult to trust as I see some people trade their own system but are not ranked as TOS. I believe Map (PFSignal) does TOS but has no certificate.


Similarly to some others I am not so sure that TOS is an indicator of anything.
++ There are known limitations in C2 technologies as to which platforms, brokers they can certify as TOS.
++ There are some C2 financial incentives (or deterrents? I am not sure) to get TOS certification.
++ It is very easy to ‘game the system’ if one so desires to get TOS certificate (e.g. simply set up another account doing the exact opposite – all what the developer loses is broker fee.)

At any rate: without TOS your filtering results in 88 systems, a bigger universe.