YTD of current year deleted

I´ve seen that YTD of current year now is deleted, i think is a very bad change, because when select a system is important to know how is doing in the current year, i dont want to calculate it by myself for each system and spend a lot of time doing it, for something that i think is one of the most important info.

Anevado: I’m not really sure which screen / system you are talking about here. We haven’t made any changes to the stats that are displayed, so I wonder if perhaps you are referring to a “new” system that doesn’t yet have data available? In any case, to get to the bottom of the issue, please post an image here or send one to our Help Desk ( showing the screen you think is missing data. I’ll take a look.

Sent. It happen with all systems. Its the table performance by month, YTD disspaear for the current year, only appear for past years.

Having same problem as ANevado.


Thanks for bringing to my attention.

The YTD totals for 2014 are missing again.

This bug is back now. YTD for current year (2022) is missing. It was there as late as yesterday (saturday apr 30) now it’s gone.

could be an edge case when month shifts one ahead but no NAV yet available for the new month.