YTD results missing

What happened to the YTD results for 2015?

They disappeared since yesterday.

Please correct this error.


Nothing looks updated since the weekend.


I just clicked the “virtual” wantrefresh button (that is no longer accessible) to have my system pages updated. They have not be updated for about 36 hours.

I notice that several other system pages are not showing updates since Saturday.


Working on it, Chris et al. Hang in there. We’re migrating data centers, and so there are some temporary delays getting strategy results updated. We’ll get everything caught up shortly.

Thanks for the update.

Okay, we’ve migrated the strategy-statistics updates to the new data center, and so results should get updated properly within the next 24 hours – and, in many cases, much sooner.

Seems to be a similar problem occurring now, Simple Swing is missing final 2015 numbers. Is this being addressed? Thanks