YTD results


Congratulations on adding YTD to the performance tables. The results appear to be compounded, also. However, there are egregious examples where there have been systems with losses of over 100% in a month and the YTD should be (100%), not any other number.

Overall, this should greatly assist subscribers in evaluating and comparing trading systems.


I agree – this is a nice enhancement.

One minor issue I noticed: If you look at this system in the "Classic" view:

the 2013 return is shown in red even though it is a positive number. I know you are getting rid of the Classic view soon anyways, so probably not worth fixing.


great feature… thanks for your work Matthew!

with YTD now customers can see that my system gain 76.4% in 2013 with only 3 trades so with very very low commission of trading and with low price of system (79$ per quarter). I don’t need to gain with high price (for example 200$ or 300$ per month), I think in the long-term, I am a Value Investor, I need to do so.
I think that if a person does his work honestly in the long term will get many recognitions from customers.

Note: now the price is 19$ per month, by throughout 2013 and mid-2014 the price was $ 79 per quarter.

Matthew, please keep “classic” view around as it has better charting, more useful statistics and it’s more convinient to look at.

Yes, Fantastic new feature.
C2 is a really nice site, congratulations.

like it

Hi Matthew, I like the YTD feature as well.

A couple of comments:
1. The YTD figure is green for some losing years and red for some winning years.
2. How is it calculated? Assuming no rescaling of system equity, I would simply assume YTD = P_today / P_end_of_prior_year - 1, where P is the system equity after fees and commissions. This does not appear to be the case, however, so I just wanted to double check.

Thank again for this great feature.


I would also like to add my voice to those who appreciate the new “YTD” feature on C2. This is something that has been requested for a while by developers and I am glad to see that C2 is listening to it’s customers. There will always be some additional tweaks that need to be made but this is great nonetheless. Thanks!