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100%TOS system going Free of Charge


Hello people,

I just want to give a shout out that I decided to make my 100% TOS system LongTermGrowth free of charge. I´m using broker transmit to drive this strategy.

I made the decision roughly one month ago (beginning of May) when I noticed that my initial concept wouldn´t work for subscribers in the long run. Back then I was still selling options on a selection of underlyings. These underlyings have proven to not have tight enough bid-ask spreads in their option chains. Since Autotraders get executed with market orders this has lead to bad slippage which is strategy-breaking if I also want to charge anything for the service. So I had to adjust the strategy which made the existing track record somewhat useless for any other purpose than to get a vague picture of my trading behavior.

The initial concept included 3 strategies.
1: technical swing trading by selling or buying options or going long/short in the underlying.
2: Mean reversion of volatility, utilizing XIV after meaningful spikes
3: trend following option selling

So one months ago I have set the fee at 0 and shifted the system to only go long/short stocks for strategy 1 and still trading strategy 2 (if a spike of magnitude happens which wasn´t the case ever since).
So in essence I dropped the option trading with very few exceptions for hedging purpose if need be. But then I´m on the buyer side and only trade very liquid markets, so for example currently I´m long 1 VIX Call.

I will continue this strategy at least till the end of October so I have a 12 months track record or until I topped the maximum equity high by 5% - which ever hits first. This is just a personal goal and you can profit from that if you like.

So if you want to follow my very personal trading you´re free to do so. Though it´s only any good if you pay the autotrading fee because of another system anyways, otherwise the potential profit would be lessened too much. (if you follow at only 100%)

I´m happy about the 2 subscribers that stayed trustful after the changes and who had made a bunch of profits alongside myself during the last 4 weeks.

All the best,


Is this another method just to get trial subscribers (I cannot imagine based on current data someone will trade real money) and improve C2 score?

If I’m mistaken and the goal is to get real subscribers trading real money, please answer in details why I should subscribe and trade real money?


Do you honestly believe I would bother to answer to your question after you pick on practically every post I make?
Even now, before you ask something - which you should answer for yourself btw - you make a negative assumption based on nothing.

If there was a function to ignore someone´s posts in this forum I´d use it for yours because of your disrespectful behavior. Since there is none I have to do it manually. Have a nice day.


If anyone else has a question just let me know and I´ll be happy to assist.


Besides no answer, I don’t see nothing disrespectful in this question.


Regarding ignore a person or system option, I think it is a great option for investors. They can ignore a system or developer who marketing goes way before his/her results.