VolatilityTimer 1 is now TOS 100%

You are welcome to follow my trades, system worked well for my personal accounts for a few years, now I am sharing with C2 community.

link us to the system

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link below,

I don’t see TOS 100 % in this model

Enabled yesterday, may take C2 sometime to update. I don’t know.

can you show us some back tested data from your account?

Instead of back tested data (which in my opinion don’t mean much), it is more useful for you to watch my real life trades on C2. I am a relatively active trader.

then tell us what % the system did last year and the year before that. We will have to take your word for it.

I am not to try to convince people that my system is great and such. I can’t promise anything, and I don’t want to give people false impression that past return will carry to the future. A system can make 100% last year, and blow up this year if the manager gambles. We all learn that from Lehman Brothers. Also, return of a system is half luck, and half skill for any given period, no system will work for all market conditions. My goal is make long term success, and make take what ever the market gods give me.

It took awhile, but finally I setup the TOS. Instead of VolatilityTimer 1, I created a new strategy VolatilityTimer 2 which uses similar timing indicators.