A strategy for the long term profit 100%TOS

Hello folks,

I´m happy to present my first and for the time being my only strategy on C2: LongTermGrowth (100% TOS)

In this strategy I combine several trading approaches like trend following option trading, technical swing trading and volatility trading by using ETPs like XIV or VXX. By personal experience I found this combination very fitting in terms of risk profile and correlation so I wanted to share my personal trading and see if people like it. I have strict rules for risk-control and managing open trades so the loosers don´t get out of control. As the name suggests, I´m here to perform in the long run and to prove that trading and longevity can go hand in hand. I use low overall leverage so the drawdowns are likely to be kept in check. Also noteworthy, I have limited the number of subscribers to 100 so we don´t move the markets especially with option trades.

What do you guys think about it? I´d be happy if you share your oppinion.

Any comments? What do you think about it - would you invest? If not - why?

I´m relatively new to signal providing, before I was solely trading my own money. So I´d like to know what people expect from a system. Perhaps I´m capable of creating a more fitting one if my current system doesn´t get appreciation (still, I will always stick to my principles). I can´t really think of a downside except for the jung age but that´s why I´m asking anyways so thanks in advance.

i think people want to wait and see how your system does through a market correction.


Just a heads up, still outperforming the market and other leading option strategies. Feel free to subscribe and test my system for 14 days or to wait till a market correction - when ever that will happen… (weird times we have) Meanwhile me and my subscribers are happy to profit continuously. :wink:

I´m also glad for feedback from subscribers or nonsubsribers so feel free to post.


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Looks not bad at all. Your most noticable drawdown occured on November, when you had a sequence of 4 losing trades, 3 of them on the same instrument and direction. Do you mind sharing what happened then?

I´m glad you ask, that´s easy to explain. Back then the portfolio wasn´t diversified at all unlike it is now because I still wasn´t sure if I wanted to issue 3 stand-alone systems or just 1 with all strategies. But I wanted to get started. So in the beginning I was trading volatility only and there was a 18% drawback in SVXY where I had written a short put. Thus the ~8% drawdown in my account.

Now I don´t write naked short puts or calls on volatility products anymore because it doesn´t fit into my moneymanagement with the combined portfolio.

Hello everyone!

The stock markets are getting strong again after a positive FED-meeting on Wednesday(03/15). Not surprisingly my portfolio LongTermGrowth is gaining good profits again.
So if you´re still searching for a stable long term oriented system, get your seat while there are still some free ones (limited subscribtions). Also you have a 7 day free trial so I invite you to join us and get an impression of my trading style.

All the best,