2000% since inception

profitable options trading since inception, While my drawdown was significant at 70%, it’s all part of my high-leverage trading style. Consistently taking calculated risks and staying on top of market movements has paid off big time.

Any comment about how your C2 hypothetical account value went from $332k to $1299k on January 14th? I don’t see any trades that show how that big leap happened. That’s a big chunk of the 2000%+ return.

futures trade i took a while ago

I am guessing that you were short 5 futures contracts of @ ESZ2 [December] E-MINI S&P 500 that were still open on January 14th. If so, did those ever get closed? (because I don’t see them on the list of closed trades in the “Trading Record”)

held till expiration, the platform would not update the position

Just contact the help desk they will make it for you.

If you knew it was an artifact of an expired contract, why did you not contact help desk to fix? Not only did you neglect to do that – you came on these forums and actively promoted the strategy claiming results were the result of trades.

This was not professional behavior. I hope you and others won’t do this again.

Thank you.