3 Systems By Kinetic

2 new systems to add to THEGOAT

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TQQQBLUE Aims to be aggressive seeking 60-100+ returns with a drawdown below 36%

TQQQSELECT Aims to be more conservative with a drawdown under 19%
Trading has risk.

Stop spending your money on once high flying systems that are going downwards or sideways and give us a try. Goal is to make profits in any environment. Free trial is now over.

7 hours for free trial - what a generous offer.

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Why do you think these two new strategies will be better, than FASTER aka WARPY and MODERATE aka Linden closed recently?

All I know is my strategies will do better than Marks Trading.

From now on I will only answer questions from fully paid subs
& not from ornery 5 year MB Ex Leader groupies with defunct systems.

That’s a tough one :roll_eyes:
So why do you post in the forum then?

I guess only time will tell. Good luck.


Thanks a ton Newt, good commentary.

How are your favs doing today?
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I honestly believe trading is very simple.

This should be your clue to take some time off. Maybe go sit on the beach for a while.

Hey honestly, you got that right!

THEGOAT with a C2 score of 994, ranked top5.

Trading the market is like a Yo-yo for many.
We’re doing ok in these difficult times.

We are numero uno in the stocks category on the Grid with a C2 rating of 996. I had nothing to do with it, the Great Entity did, I just follow orders.

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I don’t subscribe to any systems on C2 but there is one out there out of the 100s I respect.

C2 score 997 2nd overall 1st in Stocks.

You trade kind of similar to these old systems. Interesting.


And the postings in the forum are also kind of similar. :slight_smile:

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I like the fact that he opens long AND short positions, depending on market conditions, unlike long-only C2 systems that take a serious beating every time the equity market switches to bear mode.

This ability to go with the flow and not fight the trend (up or down) is the mark of a good trader.