Come join our Fam

Kinetic spawns 2 new additions to the Family.
ETFFAM & ETFLIGHT. Both long only.
THEGOAT also continues to do it’s thing.

I should admit your consistency in the failing of the TQQQ systems.

By the way, did you make some subs to lose money on the previous 6 or 7 (maybe 8) tries <1>? Or it was just funny money loses and you are insistently trying to achieve real money losses?

<1> Hard to count due to endless renaming and resetting.

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I take it you don’t want to join The Fam.

I am starting to like you.

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To be honest - your first strategies related to TQQQ was in my list, I was waiting for good period of time. Futures have high leverage for me, but TQQQ is attractive.

But now - I am not sure.

Yeah I think I know the sequence of when to go long or short but then again I don’t know anything.

If I scrap a system it’s generally because the Drawdown is not atractive to subscribers not so much that it’s assessed a loss, as that can usually be recovered.
I’m just not going to spend $500 a year for a good system when there are great systems out there or systems that I can start off great. Just not financially viable. A young system will generally not have too many subscribers if any at all since I’m out quickly.

Here’s an example of my other system that I’m not pleased with even though it’s up 10% I just don’t like the Drawdown and if I didn’t have subscribers I would scrap it even if it did show a profit.

Seems like you’re just experimenting with systems until they tank. Not exactly endearing for investors with real money.

Maybe get in touch with this guy. He was awfully similar. :wink:

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Dog zebra investing I believe you are a tremendous woman for your efforts in trying to guide me, but that’s not the case at all, I explained that even with a moderate Drawdown of 23% I am not satisfied. Just a perfectionist at :heart: I suppose.

I would agree with @DogZebra_Investing . From the side it looks like your systems are fitted for certain market and it is not time for that market yet. :slight_smile:


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