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We are ETFCapital and we would like to present 2 new systems to the lineup, TQQQSQQQ has been a major success story having had approximately 400 followers.
We listened to your wishes and we have responded with 2 new systems tailored to your individual needs.
ETFCapital understands that trading is not a one size fits all so we’re providing a few options.
Thank you and have a wonderful day.




TQQQSQQQ Trades Tqqq Sqqq long only
May also trade other ETFs
Uses a Proprietary Method
Goal is to catch dips and swing it up
System goal is to scale out at key levels
These are just goals and there are no guarantees
Trading is risky and you may lose money doing so

TQQQMAX is an aggresive trading system
TQQQMAX will trade Tqqq Sqqq and possibly other ETFs
I use a proprietary trading method
Goal is to catch dips and swing it up
System goal is to scale out at key levels
These are just goals and there are no guarantees
Trading is risky and you may lose money doing so

TQQQGO will only trade long Tqqq or similar ETFs
Uses a Proprietary Method
Goal is to stay out of dips and catch lows
Will trade less frequently, may be dormant for days or weeks
IRA. Compatible
These are just goals and there are no guarantees
Trading is risky and you may lose money doing so

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Good day of trading over here. Hope everyone is well.

New highs today. Stay safe and happy trading!!

New highs yet again. Giving it all I’ve got and only $95.
Tqqqsqqqhas been the most popular system overall for nearly 4 months now for a reason. I work hard to bring great results.

Trading is a little like Baseball, you will make a few outs hit a couple singles and double, and every once in awhile a homerun.
They homeruns don’t come often so patience is very important. It’s probably in your best interest to give a system 4 to 6 months before bailing. If you are impulsive you are probably a bad trader plain and simple plus you are doing a disservice to the leader and ultimately to yourselves if he is pressured to put on trades just to keep the subscribers happy. Do not be a gambler looking for a quick fix. Let the leaders wield their craft. Thank you and happy trading.

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Well done @ETFCapital! The current drop killed alot of strategies I’m guessing and yet your TQQQSQQQ is actually up during these last 2 weeks!

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you, I’ve spent countless hours preparing for a situation like this. Managing a bear environment can be very difficult. Doing the best I can.

Amazing performance. I will take that deal!

Thanks for joining!!

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For the last 5 years I knew by studying long term indicators that Tqqq would reverse at 116.70ish. I broadcast to my subscribers a few months ago that Tqqq will hit 116. It actually went as high as 118 then crashed hard. Maybe one of my subscribers can verify this.

Point being don’t believe the market crashed due to Corona Virus, that’s all contrived to keep in line with the pre-ordained narrative.
Everything is predetermined by those at the top. The media spoon feeds you propaganda and the agenda of your keepers. Pay attention next time, you might say the market looks like it might crash in a few months and watch how the scare tactics coincidentally coincide.

I sent out 2 broadcasts this year that Tqqq would hit 116 then tank and it would go down to 46. That happened today. If any subscribers read this board which I find many don’t, please confirm.
My point being in my opinion Corona is just a patsy and everything is pre-ordained. There is absolutely no way I would have known all this in advance. The thing is with C2 you can know everything but you can’t Let dd. get too out of hand or else subs will not subscribe. Too bad because I could have made them a lot more money. Just the truth.

Hmm mr. Guru…so why is your systems not up big with that kind of amazing forecast? Why not just buy the SQQQ until the TQQQ hits your forecast of 46?

Don’t get me wrong at least you stayed out of the market for the most part but I hardly think you can predict the future target of the drop.

But at least you saved your subs from losing money which I do think was the most prudent course.

Keep it up the good work but don’t act like a guru…lol

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That’s really simple a sneeze over a 20% drawdown and most leaders are done, look at Jay as an example.
I do broadcasts often and give my opinion. My subs have made much more than me here, having to split my earnings more than 50/50 with the website. And you are wrong, I told my subscribers nearly exactly where tqqq would go up to(116) and where it would drop to 46 or lower. And that’s why my subscribers have stayed. My calls have been brilliant. No big deal the money I make here is mere chump change.
So in closing I’m trying to not get my dd. Too. High. And I’m ok with that. I don’t care about the money as much as leaving a legacy and having a Pretty Product. I’ll leave getting rich to Matthew.

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I see ethos portfolio the envious boy is liking posts to instigate.Guess we all know who he emulates. The same guy that said in his thread that the bear market will show who the great traders are. Funny how he hasn’t made any trades in the bear market. He’s at a loss I suppose.
Just doesn’t have it and is running scared.

2 new subscribers thanx.

Join today and I’ll disclose where I think AAPL will head to.
What I disclose will surprise you. Just my opinion.

I know. It was such a dumb trade idea to go into cash two weeks before the world realized that “cash is king” and every asset class (including treasuries and munis) started falling. And then to stay in cash while the market alternated between limit up and limit down days - what was I thinking? :thinking:

Honestly Bob, or whatever profile name you’re going by this week, if my strategy made no profits for my subscribers over the past three months as yours has (trading at the same level it was last December), I wouldn’t be criticizing those trade leaders who actually made their subs money during that time. Trying to criticize me for putting my subscribers in a profitable position while 99% of traders are losing money shows a lot more about you than it does about me.

All the best to your subs.

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Read again, I verbalized in a broadcast as to where TQQQ was going.
Many manually trade my system. I get fan mail all the time. I said i don’t want to risk blowing up my results so here’s what I think and trade accordingly. I told them that if my dd. gets too high, you all would quit and not be able to take advantage of my superlative calls.
My calls are 100% documentable. I don’t care and don’t mind debate. It seems to help me get more subs.

We’re up nicely today in these tumultuous times.
I believe there are about 6 good systems left on C2. Congrats to those who are actually trying to use their minds to change old patterns of failure on C2, but nothing is guaranteed.
Furthermore please do not pay for systems that merely take your money and refuse to trade.They are scammers. If you know you are in a bear market just sit it out and pocket your money. A couple days is ok but if they don’t trade for long they don’t know what they are doing.

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2 systems at all time highs.
I’m loving the fan mail. You rock too guys. Enjoy the windfall with some Snow crab and Delmonico.(I just prefer snow crab to king for the texture and sweetness.)

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I, for one, am enjoying this system! I just dont have time to trade and this is the perfect solution!

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