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Etfcapital feel the spirit

ETFCAPITAL has 4 offerings:

AI TQQQ which will strictly trade TQQQ

AI TQQQSQQQ which will trade both TQQQ & SQQQ

TQQQBULL which will trade TQQQ and stay in the trend for a prolonged period. New description will be available once it is updated.

TQQQSQQQ which trades TQQQ & SQQQ

This system avoided the bear market of Feb20 with ease and I will apply my methods to all my systems. Feel free simulate or subscribe.

Description for TQQQBULL has updated. Take a look at all my offerings and subscribe if you see something you like.

Our new systems are getting traction with 15 new members in the 1st 2 weeks. Take a look at all my systems but especially at TQQQBULL. A unique way of trading. I said I would drop it if it didn’t catch on but it has so I will keep it going. Happy trading.

Please check out my 3 new systems, all up about 23% within 3 weeks.
All new systems are just $50 for now but I’m nearly 100% prices will quadruple in the future so join today.
Done a little tweaking and I feel confident in future results. Thank you.

Are 1 month results like this even legal?


Will only trade TQQQ


Optimized system trades TQQQ SQQQ UVXY


Classic system which avoided a major market correction in Feb20. Newly Optimized!!



@ETFCapital Congratulations!

Would like to understand how TQQQSQQQ drops from 950 to 170 on the C2 Score being a top 20 system for years while the other AI TQQQ system drops from the 900s then rebounds back to 900 with very similar drawdowns? It has more longevity, a better 1 month return and survived a bear market.
This would mean that 83% of the systems are better than Tqqqsqqq.

We had a fair month, up about 45% Enjoy all my systems…ETFCapital…Feel The Mist(slogan of the day)

Do I love my systems? Well yeah I do.

Fun times for leaders, at least I’m enjoying it.

Have it your way at ETFCapital.

New Highs

TQQQ will strictly trade Tqqq. This will not be for the adrenaline or action junkies. TQQQ May sit out days, weeks, months or even years if need be in a bear market. So that means be prepared to pay subscription prices even with no action. I’m guessing this will be kinda tough for 99% of you but the goal is to make money right?

Had an absolute banger of a day. High 5s all around.

As we stand, an ETFCapital product is number 1 or top 10 in Calmar, Sharpe, Sortino, Alpha, Return and several more stock categories on the Grid.

I know there are reams & myriads of systems way better than mine but Tqqqsqqqx has returned 72% in 7 weeks and I feel that’s not so bad. Doing this more for personal reward at this point than financial as it turns out as I make substantially more in my personal account than here. It’s so ez to be cold and impersonal especially when you do not see the faces of your subscribers but from some of the private messages I’ve been getting lately it’s helped me bond & connect with a soul or entity on the other end. Real people, very successful people mind you, relying on me is a tremendous responsibility and warms my heart to no end…. Just wanted to share.

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