5000 to open account

open e cry tellme that number (5000 dollars) to open futures account.is that correct???

you can tellme another broker with minor requirements?

if is posible fully autotrading like open e cry.


it is rather bizarre to trade futures with less than $5000. It is called “being undercapitalized.” $5000 is a minimum for many brokers, and is barely enough even for one emini. If you saw the stats that correlated how much money a person trades with graphed against trading success, you wouldn’t try with less than this.

If you don’t have enough, you should probably trade something like Rydex or ProFunds. Otherwise, there is a very good chance you will turn your less than $5000 into a negative value rather quickly.



deal with stocks required equal money ?

or is like forex?


stocks can be traded with any amount, since they are unleveraged. Some brokers (InteractiveBrokers, eg) offer you leverage. You can trade ETFs like QQQQ or SPY with maybe 2 or 3 times leverage. But trading futures like eminis, even one emini with less than $5000 is way too much leverage (one s&p emini controls like $60,000 or so).

The trick is not to see how quickly a small account can be wiped out.

You can buy a little more than the $5000 you have, provided that you buy marginable stock. But since you seem inexperienced in trading stocks and C2, I recommend you to start with very small quantities to learn how it works and what the problems can be. People said the same to me about a year ago, and it was the best advice I ever had.

thanks for the recommedantions Jules Ellis.

i have expertise in forex for 2 years.

buy not in stocks or futures.

my idea is doing autotrade in 2 systems ( i autotrading in forex too)

but my problem is i have few money at the moment and i think in try with small invest in this markets.

i take reco and i testing for months free trial of this systems to earn expertise.

sorry for the english

Gustavo, rather than how to invest i thinks who is better have a focus on how to risk on each trade and then to invest the relative amount! For this reason in my trading system 4trend (only etf on amex) on each trade i have the same max loss 0.25%, therefore the capital to invest is determined in this manner: capital/stoploss%*0.25%. Example: we assume to have a capital of 100.000,00 and a stop loss of 4% if we want risk 0.25% we invets: 100.000/4%*0.25%= 6.500,00$. In your situation if you have a capital of 5.000,00 and you are aggressive and want risk 5% on each trade then: 5.000,00/4%*5%= 6.500,00 $ (you must use leverage!).

In the trade commentary we write the stop loss because in this manner if a subscriber is more aggressive than 0.25% of risk he can calculate itself the amount to invest!

Good luky