How much would you pay for $5000?

I’d like to make this offer to new subs. Sign up before August 1st 2017 and I’ll refund you if I don’t make at minimum $5000 in August 2017. My system trades exactly once a day, only the ES, and trades 5 contracts always. Please msg me with this offer if you are interested. My system is QuantStat2 Futures (112733962). Please keep in mind there are no guarantees in trading. I’m simply saying I don’t want your money if I can’t make at least $5000. The offer is based on my account showing a profit in August as I can’t verify individual accounts.

The system does not add contracts when it’s losing to average to a better price and show a profit
The system does not hold overnight and wait for the market to come back to not show a loss

We make our money and we hit and run. We’re not getting greedy and we’re not worried about missed moves in the market. We simply want income from the market and we use this method for exactly that. We’ll leave the investing and longer term stuff to other strategies.

Thanks for your interest

C2 offers refunds to subscribers no questions asked - if they wish - and you pay a refund fee 7.5% , so your offer isn’t really an offer .

Thank you RM4. My offer is 100% back not 92.5% back as you are going through me and not C2. If there’s a way for C2 to hold the sub fees until the month is over and the $5000 hit that would be a great option.

They get 100% back from C2 but you pay 7.5% to banks , and yes C2 does hold the funds at least 45 days before paying to you .

Another note here technically you cant refund these fees to your clients as they pay by credit cards , you dont have the structure to do so .

You can’t make such an offer through the C2 Platform. Thread closed.