$50k brokerage account strategy research

I’m new with C2, and with trading in general. I’m planning to open a $50k brokerage account with margin (probably at IB?), and I’m researching a single autotrading strategy to use as much of that account as possible. I’m looking for a strategy that will offer the greatest annual return on that account size. With all of the various margins and scaling and max trade size options and different instruments it can get confusing to narrow it down to a single strategy that will use as much of my account as possible and be most effective with the capital. What would be your suggestions, recommendations, what to look out for, cautions, etc?

Here are some strategies that I’m considering:

  • Chubs 7500
  • AI Algorthims 13
  • forexland
  • VIXTrader Ultimate, VIXTrader Professional, VIXTrader
  • UDOW Trend Signal
  • Intrendsic Exponent Fund
  • The Successful Investor
  • VIX community
  • VIX Tactical Trader

Are there strategies here you would recommend over others for this type of account? Caution against? Why?

Any other strategies you think would work better for this account?

Thanks for your help.

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Few of these have >1 year track record. If you are wondering why there aren’t more systems with >1 year track record that you like… hmmm.
Anyway you asked for what to look out for:

-forexland - chased a couple trades down at the beginning, survived but not sure if he will do that again.
-UDOW Trend signals - he uses leverage and buys levered ETF, then holds it for extended periods of time. I don’t like that. The more volatile that ETF is the worse it does. Goes long only so not sure how it will do in bear market.
-The Successful Investor - too correlated to equity markets for me (even though it says <0.30). I would at least expect a TOS with a system like this that’s just a short term stock trader.
-VIX Community - only 2 actual real life trades placed. Sells OTM calls on the VIX close to expiration. 1 bad event and this strategy goes boom, quickly.
-VIX Tactical Trader, VIX Trader - you saw what happened 2 weeks ago with XIV. I’d be scared of using any of these systems after that. Especially ones like this that hold overnight.

Good luck man.

Thanks for your comments, and sharing your thoughts. Doesn’t sound too promising.