Diversification advice

I need to diversify a bit with 1-2 new strategies and perhaps rotate. I pay for Max.5 strategies, so there are room for 2 new. Currently I have:

-A Strategy for YM **
** -MCProTrader **
** -UGotMail (Unsubscribed) **
** -VIXTrader

-Dynamic USA (My own)

I am thinking Forex, options, ETF strategy. and I have been looking in the grid and leaderboard - but have not reached any conclusion yet
History, drawdown and return is parameters as well as I tend to look at the performance curve.

Thanks in advance for any good ideas.

For an ETF strategy, please take a look at my strategy ETF Capital Builder. It has over a two year track record of 22% annualized returns with a 9.1% maximum draw down. It only trades at the market open or near the market close, so it can easily be manually traded.

Since it uses no margin, it can be traded in retirement accounts.

It’s priced at $79 monthly, but I just created a 50% off discount coupon for the first 3 months of your subscription, at just $39 a month. This coupon expires on February 15, 2018. Use coupon code #UGFF93243

You can check out ETF Capital Builder at: https://collective2.com/details/100008908


Hi Jim
I don´t get why people doesn´t subscribe more to systems like this - It seems that high-risk systems with volatility stocks and SP,DAX,Dow futures is what is preferred at C2.
It is a good system you have.

I think its because since his system has been around the S&P has been on a hell of a run.

Looking objectively at the chart, he is effectively tied with the S&P. People on here would wonder why you would pay over $900 a year for that when they could just buy SPY, which has similar stats over that period.

If he performs like that in a flat or down market I expect he would start getting subscribers.

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