A private system to track your own account

I had emailed support but they didn’t understand my question so I am posting it here. Has anyone created a private system just to track their own IB account?

The reason for this is to have a dashboard that looks like a system with an overall chart to show value of account over time and to show all the trades. It would be great if C2 created this for everyone. Since they don’t, has anyone done this?

You can do that in the Systems subscriber control. Type in 0 so no one can subscribe but you build up your track record and have all the dashbord Features.

so basically you are saying start a system pay the listing fee and set it so no one can subscribe?

If you have upgraded to the new Trade Leader plans, you will see this at the top of each of your strategies:

You can use the Public/Private switch to run private strategies.

If you are still using “Legacy” listing fess, you can achieve the same result by setting your maximujm number of subscribers to zero. Then your strategy will be hidden from the public.

Why not make it so everyone can track their own account for free, and those that want to make it public have to pay.

Probably, because of C2 should pay money to support infrastructure that tracks public and private accounts.

I meant to say, people who pay money to follow systems should have the option to track their own account with a chart much like a system chart instead of just a profit loss list in the control panel.

My impression was that you are talking about trade leaders.

As a subscriber I would rather use IB reports and portfolio equity curve then C2. IB accounts for correct trading data, not simulated or averaged from all subscribers as C2. IMO it is nice to have it, but not necessary.

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