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A Strategy for YM gambler got a margin call!


@KarlA Again, you are wrong. I had a system in 2013 called Goldmine and it didn’t fail. All the other systems are test systems with a couple of trades. You should really stop lying. I never said that I will never get a TOS, again another lie.


@JITF In my opinion a margin call generated by the C2 platform and an open trade DD of 30% is a sign of gambling. I think this is obvious. I think my behaviour of posting facts cannot be labelled as inappropriate. As this a trading forum and not a gambling forum. The fact that trolls are coming and posting libelous and false info is not my fault.


I talked with KarlA by private chat and we came to a mutual understanding.
I apologize for calling KarlA a liar and in return KarlA has promised not to attack me anymore.


Agreed, and if anybody feels I have anybody treated unfairly I also apologize.


In the meantime I got to see his linkedin page which shows that he is a legitimate trader.


@KarlA Thank you. Here goes:


A Strategy for YM is the type of strategy which by its nature is superb in the market we saw in 2017: generating buckets loads of leveraged cash. Now we have numerous corrections going on. Each time its incurring huge drawdown per trade. In my opinion, the strategy is gambling: it is gambling on there never being a real black swan; if one comes… this will obliterate the account. I suggest followers of this strategy closely monitor their blood pressure through the choppy waters of 2018 :open_mouth: If you like a good Hold and Hope strategy then this is one of 'em!


What happened to my favourite martingale gambling system (A Strategy for YM)?

2/27/18 5:44 @YMH8 MINI DOW LONG 21 25045 3/13 14:54 24795 -21.87% -$26,431

Hey, how do you like the $26k drawdown? I am so happy that C2 autotraders are mostly millionaires so hopefully no-one got hurt there.


This guy is really something, off course there is no holly grail for every single strategy. Loss and profit is a part of trading but at least, he trades with his money and shows in here, no over leverage. What I know, He does not bragging his strategy is the best, promote his strategy and talk a bad strategy for any particular strategies. Please hold your horse and acting more professional as a developer.


As a percent of his account how much more margin does he use than you? Don’t you both use similar levels of margin? I think the most contracts he ever had open was about 7 contracts at a time, when his account was around $80,000. You are trading one while your account is about $12,000. Why is he more of a gambler than you? Don’t get me wrong I think you both are playing with fire, but I don’t understand what your perspective is against him vs. you. Please explain. Is it just because you said he doesn’t use stops? You told me that you have stop losses capped at $550 per trade yet you have a couple $1,000 losses?

Correction you have used two contracts on an account of about $12,000, but typically use 1.


Strategy developer is laughing all the way to the bank as he has dozens of subscribers at $200 a month to cover that loss. lol.


I agree with Tony. You said one thing for stops then you did exactly the opposite and did not cut the losses. Also you can say you trade your real money but with out TOS Badge there is no proof. To show proof lets see a copy of your statement here with the same losses as your subscribers. To come in here in put down your competition is not professional but actually is very immature. Your best bet to keep your strategy alive is go TOS and stop putting other people down and get the proof in profitable trades.


Well, he obviously trades without stoplosses (especially extra risky in this volatile market) this is not called trading this is called gambling, a basic course in risk management would go a long way but you are right I should not be wasting my time on the forum.


Agree with @GREGGL, this guy (YM) is not on the forum stating how grand he is and advertising (as far as I can tell, maybe I missed it). He has also made some of his subscribers alot of money.

Could he lose alot of it, of course? But I don’t see a reason to go after this strategy with such gusto. Far worse strategies on C2 if you ask me. And they have a point CsabaBiro, he is TOS, you are not. I rarely knock TOS systems because their developers have verified skin in the game, as opposed to most people here.


@DogZebra_Investing Ok, this is true.


YM is very bad in stop loss management. I did 50% scaling and burnt 15K in 3 days.


CHUBS 7500 is not doing well in March either, #trade up but %profitable down, sharpe ratio down.


@jeffreytong Chubs 7500 is down less than $200 in March, compared this to the 26k loss in a single trade for the other system.


I am curious what the comparative % draw downs those equate to rather than the $ amount, but not curious enough to go look it up myself.


Your drawdown from feb 26th to march 17th on a percentage basis (25%) is practically the same as a Strategy for Ym’s drawdon from Feb 26 to march 7th of (26%).
Profit factor for your system is 1.4 compared to a Strategy for Ym is 3.0. Both your trade counts are similar.
Add the fact that a Strategy for YM has put his money where his mouth is to the tune of a 500% TOS designation
leaves you , quiet frankly, without a leg to stand on by comparison.
"Dont hate the player CsabaBiro, Hate the game,