About publishing a system

Just want to add my thought about publishing a system.

There is always, at least for me, the psycological reason.

when I trade myself, I am either greedy or in fear. Hence

I have poor performance.

But by doing C2 trading, I have no emotion, just focus on

pure trading, the result is much better for me.

I’ve always heard that admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. I applaud you in admitting your fear and greed, and their impact on your performance. Most people never get to that point.

Someone who helped me a great deal in psychological aspects is Van Tharp, who was profiled in the book “Market Wizards.” You might want to give him a look, since his products may be able to help you.

It looks like after a week your system is off to a good start, and I hope it continues. I also hope if your system does well, you can overcome your emotions and trade it yourself - that will probably bring bigger monetary rewards for you than C2 subscription fees.


Thanks Kevin.

Now I trade only one contract in my own account, it can not

stop the emotion problem entirely, but it does eliminate most of it.

Happy trading.