About trading strategy "Just Good Trades KZ"

About my trading system: I trade myself, manually. I trade usually futures CL. The risk per trade is 1-2%, the risk on day 3-5%. Of course there are exceptions because I’m not a robot. But the initial drawdown of -18% was due to inexperience in the use of the web terminal, and my mistake in trading. The goals for trades are usually 3-5%, there are also exceptions. I trade from level to level, from a false breakdown. It happens that I’m not waiting for take profit and close the trade ahead of time. It happens often. For example, as today’s last trade to long. The target for the trade was 57.60, the picture below. Sorry for my English. Ask if you have questions, I will try to answer if I’m not busy.
Marat Sh. (JG Trades KZ)


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Very impressive! What charting software are you using, may I ask?

This is the tradovate terminal.

After a week of rest, I returned to trading. My trade today. 12.08.19

Second trade 12.08.19

Third trade 12.08.19

Trades last week, from August 20 to 23.

Today’s trades. 08/26/19

Today’s trades. 08/28/19

Today’s trade. 09/05/19