Accepting Proposals for New Forums

"The key phrase is in keeping the best interests of the client, which is in quite stark contrast to brokers whose interests are to the firm."

Are you saying the "morons" coming to this site are your clients.


Anyone reading your posts can tell you are promoting your own system by trashing others.

There’s the irony! I have no more vested interest in the site, and I am not seeking subscribers.

No, I’m not, but as Ross and I have been saying about MMO, you are a dupe for defending it. Dupe=moron. If you’re not trading MMO, congratulations, you’re not a dupe or a moron. This was not a blanket statement; it was a statement about the potential person who might only look at the curve without consideration for its methodology.

There’s plenty of systems to point to that started good and completely crashed and burned.

Go read the paper, Steve. If you don’t come to the same judgement there’s something wrong with you.

I am not overleveraging myself, and I know my stops are extremely tight all other things considered, especially compared to my target.

And even if it was his professional opinion, it is not relevant for the discussion. Even an insane person might create a great trading system.

I don’t trust lunar cycle & mood oscillation systems for a single second. But I agree with Daniel and Frank that we should try to discuss all systems in a rational and modest manner. Why would it be necessary to call someone insane? If it is so obvious that a system is BS, then it should be easy to convince other rational persons in more neutral and less emotional terms. Probably some people are not open for rational arguments. Well, even better; they may crash and burn with the system.

Perhaps I am a bad advocate for this, given my previous encounters with Pal. But even in that case I tried to stay polite for at least a year. Only after that I gave up.

Beau - I am not trashing others. You are the one doing the trashing. And you will find that none of my systems are open to new subscribers. Now if you are truly a "professional" I have to ask the obvious question - are you offering financial advice along the lines of your trading system(s) at C2? Being a financial advisor I would be very surprised if you were.

Obviously not. I am allowed to for qualified investors, however.

Since it bothers you guys, I’ll quiet down. I just wanted to see if at least 1 person would agree with me. I was really looking for someone to agree with my opinion. I guess you guys do, but wanted me to tone down the language.

So…new forum for new collective2 members. I’m all for that, with systems for vendors posting to the forum not appearing.

"I am not overleveraging myself, and I know my stops are extremely tight all other things considered, especially compared to my target."

Perhaps you know what you are doing, but I see only one good system with only 41 trades to your credit. Not much of a record for all the noise you make. I think it would be safe to say most if not all of the good looking systems that crashed had far more than 41 trades.

Good luck.