General Market Discussion Forum

I think it might be worthwhile if C2 had an active main-page forum for a general discussion of trading the markets by developers and subscribers alike.

For instance, I’m buying some TNA on the open tomorrow (Friday, the 16th). I’ve posted the reasons for the buy in the specific forum I’ve created for the system I’m trading and even though that’s available on the Forums tab, I might, if given the opportunity, give the reasons in a more general forum.

Just a suggestion.

I like the suggestion. I have little knowledge about trading and often feel that as a subscriber I am just an easy mark. Through such a discussion, I might be able to gain some insight on how the market and some trading systems behave. I never plan on making my own buy or sell decisions, but I hope that C2 can prevent me from putting all of my eggs into my employee 401k.

As a relatively new investor by your own description, I would point out that the tax advantages in 401k accounts, coupled with a decent company match for the first few percent of salary put there, makes them a great investment. The fact that you cannot trade rapidly or short stocks may seem limiting, but it also reduces the risk of doing something stupid.

Gave everyone a system hint yesterday to buy TNA on today’s open (see initial suggest here). Don’t know if anyone took the hint (probably not) but it was worth about 1.6 percent on the day.

Bought 1000 shares myself. Up about more than $1000. Could have closed it out for a day trade but held because it appears there is more to come. Adding TQQQ on Monday’s open.

Up more than $1000 on the day. A thousand dollars a day…after a while as the late Senator Everett Dirksen used to say "that’s real money."


Huck – thanks for the comment. Hope all went well for you this week and have a nice weekend.