Add futures request

Please can you add NIFTY & KOSPI futures to C2.

NIFTY trades on SGX with ticker IN e.g. INH1 - you already have the delayed prices coming in on C2 but it can’t currently be traded.

KOSPI K200 futures trade on Korean Stock Exchange index. It trades under an IB symbol of KS or K200.



Also, the Topix Index, Japanese Palladium, Japanese Platinum and the Japanese Government Bond Mini.

Matthew/Alen et al,

Can you please give us a response to this?

We’ve tried going through the email but stopped getting responses to the request.

Surely the NIFTY contract is easy for you to switch on? It’s SGX and you’re already displaying the delayed data…



Please also reactivate the symbol TWA asap!!

When I try to trade it says

Symbol Not Found: TWAH2

The symbol doesn’t seem to be tradable. For symbol help, see

but it’s listed as tradable here

and I’ve traded it before in my c2 system!

1/17/12 23:43 SELL 1 TWAF2 MSCI Taiwan Index 259.10 1/18

0:48 260.10 Low ($114)



Please can one of you at least reply to this?

TWA symbol is still not working. This is not a new request now but a production issue. You have a symbol that was live but is now not working suddenly and it’s causing us production issues in trading…

This is what the API returned me today for a request on TWAG2



<errortype>Symbol Not Found: TWAG2</errortype>

<comment><![CDATA[The symbol doesn’t seem to be tradable. For symbol help, see <a target="_blank" href=“”></a>]]></comment>


Caps -

Looking into this right now.

OK. Symbol has been changed to TW (not TWA). Symbol list has been updated. Sorry about that.

Great thanks for looking into it.

Can you switch on NIFTY/k200 too please when you get a chance.