Help button on C2 website

On the C2 website I’m trying to find the HELP button or menu option up top, but can’t. Is there one? If not, would you please add it. I needed “for an already open position, how to enter stop and limit”. Not being able to do so really puts a damper. Thank you.

I am a big giant 205-pound Help Button, Neil. Poke me and you will get an answer.

The answer is:

Just submit a brand new closing order and mark it as a stop or limit.

For example, let’s say you have an open long position in IBM. It is already open, but now you want to add a stop loss at 23.45.


Sell To Close IBM STOP 23.45

Want a profit target at 39.99?


Sell to Close IBM LIMIT 39.99.

Need help understanding the difference between stops and limits? Here it is:


Should you make the related orders an OCA, just to be sure?

Thanks, Matthew. You’re the best!!

No need. It happens automatically, effectively. If either Sell-To-Close order is hit, the remaining one will be removed automatically as soon as there is no more long position in the system.