Affiliate site approval

Hi Matthew,

How does one get approval for his proposed affiliate website? (subscribing to systems was appearently not yet fully allowed. Autotrade setup done, yet no autotrading will take place)

What procedure to follow and where is it?

Thank you.


There is no need for approval. You should be able to turn on a full affiliate site in a matter of minutes, without any involvement from anyone here at C2. I didn’t really understand your post enough to know what the specific issue / problem is you are facing. Can you provide details, either here or via email, and we’ll try to help.

Well, we tried to subscribe to our own system through the affliate website we created.

After step 2 or so of the wizard it said something like: you will be able to subscribe for autotrading but no actual trading will take place until the affilate site is approved by Collective2.

Well, that’s surprising and interesting! Let me take a look and see why that message appears. Perhaps it is a feature we built into the affiliate program that I forgot about. More shortly.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

There should in fact be no approval process needed for affiliate site autotrading. This bug has now been fixed. Let me know if you still have any problems.

-Matt Vella