c2 affiliate link

when using the specified custom domains, my system is not showing up.

i specified to make the system public, and available, with full profile.

Please tell me the exact web address you are typing into your browser in order to try to see your system. - MK


It appears that perhaps there is a statistic missing from our database which is filtering your system from your affiliate site. We’re looking into this a bit more and will let you know.

In the meantime, since you only have one system on your affiliate site, perhaps what you really want is a ‘One-Trading-System Site’? You can learn more about this by choosing ‘One-Trading-System Site’ from the ‘Admin’ menu on your trading system page (while logged in).


thank you for looking into this, and i will await your reply.

By the way Matthew, I am a little bit confused, how is the C2 Affiliate program (example MySite.collective2.com) any different than our own C2 website as a vendor (example forexpro.collective2.com)?

This is the confusing part (at least for me), you wrote : "You can offer all 9,000+ of our trading systems or just a subset of hand-selected systems. You’ll receive 10% of the system subscription price (in other words, one-third of what Collective2 earns)."

Does it mean we have to create two (2) websites, one for our own trading system, and the other one for promoting C2 systems in general?

Could you please clarify? Thanks.