Amibroker to C2

Anybody have experience making this connection? I can access COM within Ami and use VBScript or Javascript so creating an IE object is possible but I can’t find any sample code on this site to accomplish this. Seems like I have to reinvent what should already have been invented. Am I missing something?

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Tx Ann for the reply. But I don’t really want to outsource this. Perhaps I confused the question by mentioning Amibroker. It’s really not about Amibroker…

All I really need is a simple example of how to send a url, could be in VB or C++. I hope C2 could provide a simple example on the API page seeing as this is the starting point for most people wanting to send automated trades to C2.

Can anyone help with a simple example? Mathew can you help, you must have done this a zillion times :wink:

Many Thanks,