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I’m struggling to navigate the forum here. Is there a forum home URL that lists all the categories/forums?

it is hard. It would be nice to have something that was set out like elitetrader or trade2win

Agreed. I’ll work on it. - MK

There’s a lot of free forum software out there that only takes a few minutes (okay an hour) to install. Thanks Matthew.

In the meantime, where do I post questions about the API and how to interface to it with C#?


You can do it on the Collective2 forum. (Right here.)

I’m not sure how many people use C#. But I’m sure there must be .NET packages for calling URLs and parsing out XML response, right?

I have no doubt that there is a .NET package but I just can’t find it at the moment. I have all the XML packages but can’t find the URL package. What call is done from C++ or Java?

Sorry. I personally don’t know. Anyone else out there?

Otherwise, let me put you in touch with Francis at atresearch, who wrote TradeBullet. He’s pretty expert at using the C2 API: