How can I get C2 to correct an error?

An order was placed on a particular options symbol, but the C2 system has erroneously used another symbol. As a result the trade is showing up wrongly.

How can I get them to fix it? And how do I make sure that their error does not screw up my drawdown and other stats?

(I Emailed them immediately when I saw this error, a couple of hours ago, but have not heard back from them).

Thank you in advance for your help.


They have mistakenly listed a symbol BHGKF instead of WFCKF as I had inputted into the system and this is skewing my results. Furthermore, I am not able to book profits on the actual trade because the system is showing that I have a position in some other contract.

Issue being resolved via email. Option database has incorrect symbol.

Thank you for taking care of this matter and for explaining the issue that was causing it.