Autotrade gone haywire - URGENT

Hi Matthew,

I notice in my OptionsXpress account that C2 autotrading has placed two trades pending market open. NEITHER OF THESE has been actioned by the system vendor (me) and they should not be executed. The system affected is [LINKSYSTEM_46587362], the offending orders are:

Sell to Close 5 QQQQ Jan2012 Put 40

Sell to Close 2 QQQQ Jan2012 Put 30

Here is what I think happened:

Over the weekend there was another change to the option symbolism. QQQQ option codes with a "WD" prefix have changed to a "QQQQ" prefix.

The list of open positions on the Isonomy Turbo page still shows 5 WD1221M40 open and 2 WD1221M30 open.

Both of these also show a Current Price = 0, which is incorrect, presumably because that code is no longer in the database.

The automatic update of the system chart and stats has picked up on the erroneous zero current price, so the system page has been incorrect since Saturday morning.

This change of code must have also somehow triggered the autotrade mechanism.

Please can you fix this before the markets open as these trades should not go ahead.

Also, as a longer term suggestion, I think you should disable all C2 automatic processes and stats calculators whenever any maintenance or update such as this is going on. This sort of problem has happened before and would not occur if the automatic systems were not trying to keep up with artificially shifting goalposts during maintenance.



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