Any recent change in C2 API?

@MatthewKlein has there been any recent changes in C2 API? I have noticed I am getting an error for the second time in the last few days after placing a market order.

WinHTTP returned error: 12002. This is causing some issues at my end, with the undesired outcome of ending up with positions more than intended.

I have been using API for two years without any issue, so am curious if this is caused by some changes at your end? ( may be to ‘slow down’ executions or something like that)

for my Mischmasch (
here is shown the result of multiple STC (due to 12002 error, i attempted to sell again) - the underlined ones should not even be ‘executed’ as there are no positions to STC after the first STC → loss/ statistic is wrong.

for this, I have undesired BTO that opened an extra contract. ( again, i tried to buy again after the 12002 error).

Currently Collective2 is not offsetting opened positions accurately . So if i have long 3 lots then i closed the 3 lots i am still showing long 3 lots .