New C2 Tray Problems


It seems the new C2Tray app. is not processing closing orders properly. This morning, it didnt process STC or BTC orders, but after restarting my computer it seems to be ok with STC, though I am hesitant to trust it just yet. BTC, on the other hand, doesnt even appear in the message window, only the system name, symbol, order type, and price.

My systems place many trades per day, and I wont be trading until this is fixed, so hopefully this matter can be resolved quickly. I just installed TS 8.2 over the weekend, and had no problems with TS 8.2 running with C2Tray 1.92 on Mon and Tues.

Please email to me your c2tslog.txt file. You can find it in your C: drive.

Also, when emailing this, please let me know which signals didn’t get processed properly (i.e. identify the signals that failed by their symbol, stop/limit, time of day, and whatever else you can so I can find them in the log.)

I’ll look into this ASAP.