Any swing traders on this site?

Im just curious because from what I see most of the systems/traders here are high frequency types.

good luck!

I’m not sure you can really call me a swing trader, but I have 3 systems here, and they are all ‘long-term’ (average hold over 2 weeks).

Brian Schumacher

BTS Bottle Rockets

BTS Small Cap Value

BTS Value Trend

I have one, if you consider avg 5.6 days with EOD orders swing trading. But it’s having a bit of a rough time these days.


Thx for the replies. Anymore of us?

Pannonia sytem is for swingtrading, but when the market is going sideways or I can get a quick profit, I trade a few times much shorter, like hours…

47.9 days held. Some systems are lucky to hold their positions for that many minutes!

All systems listed above: average holding 3.5 days

… and - not to forget - Realism Factor ~100 :slight_smile:

Little late response, but my Magnet Swing is doing well, if you like to check it out.

I did not know that a system, where every other trade is intraday and lasts around one hour, is considered swing trading.