Predicting All Markets Accurately

Hi, Wanted opinions on what markets you all would most be interested in , Daytrading, Swingtrading, Futures, Forex, Options, What I have devleloped gives exact entries,amount of points it will make, and length of time it will take to get there, it is very accurate with limited stop losses. Risk ,Reward ratio is excellent, I havent decided yet, whether I want to have multiple trading systems , so for the time being , want to narrow it down, to what is wanted most , thank you


I’m mostly interested in, swingtrading, stocks

In the ‘Find A System’ section in the left hand column I would suggest looking under ‘Most Popular’ to give you an idea of what most people are drawn to.

Futures exhibiting the greatest trading liquidity and high effective percentage margin (measured against the entire basket). Here are the top ones that qualify:

Eurodollar Interest Rate (CME)

3 Mo Euribor Interest Rate (LIFFE)

S&P 500 Index (CME)

DJ Euro Stoxx 50 Index (EUREX)

Short Sterling (LIFFE)

S&P 500 Mini Index (CME)

Crude Oil - Light Sweet (NYM)

30 Day Federal Funds (CBT)

Xetra DAX-30 Stock Index (EUREX)

Natural Gas (NYM)

10 Yr Treasury Notes (CBT)

10 Yr German Euro Bund (EUREX)

FTSE 100 Index (LIFFE)

Brent Crude Oil (IPE)

Mini Nasdaq 100 Index (CME)

As to trade type, swing trades with day-trades that turn the "holding" draw-down into profits. Said trades should close out by the end of market Friday and before holidays (no weekend holds).