Anyone Following Lots of Systems?

I would like to hear from people who are following more than 6 systems, have accounts in the 6 figure range and up over 30% YTD.

If you fit this criteria, please share and the systems you are following and scale. thanks.

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I’ve only been signed up since August '17, but am following 6 systems with about $330K allocated and am up 7.3% over the period. The systems are:

VixTrader (XIV/VXX, auto at IB since 8/23/17, 100% scaling)
RedCrest SP500 (ES only, auto at IB since 8//9/17, 100% scaling)
Simplicity Trading (ES, FESX, auto at Tradovate since 7/31/17, 100% scaling now, 34% prior to C2 adjustment)
Don’t Worry (stocks only so far, manual at Tradestation since 9/7/17, 50% scaling)
Trend Countertrend (TQQQ, XIV, manual at Tradestation since 10/5/17, 200% scaling)
Antares SP500 (ES only, auto at IB, just started very recently, 100% scaling)

Total profit is $21,957 as of yesterday (11/8/17), not counting nearly $1K/month in C2 autotrading and system subscription fees (so actual P/L more like $18K over the period for the above systems). Annualized this would be over 30%.

There are 5 other systems I was subscribed briefly over this period as well (net P/L from those was loss of $2,354, not included in the above numbers). Three of those showed small profits, and 2 had decent losses, but the main reason for unsubscribing from them was trading incompatible with my personal preferences or tolerances (eg. short option credit spreads held after the near strike was penetrated … bailing out of that one accounts for the almost the entire $2.3K loss on the group, holding too-large unhedged but leveraged positions into weekends, etc.).

Also, except for Simplicity Trading, I have occasionally done my own hedges in the Tradestation account or manually tweaked positions heading into weekends. So I’ve mostly followed the systems as shown on C2, but cost myself a little profit from my own interference (although this has been a relavitely small effect so far, maybe 5% of total P/L, but I sleep well over the weekends). So not a precise measure of exactly how the systems did, but no complaints and decent profits that, so far, justify the C2 monthly costs. I’m trading the system equity curves to a large extent.

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