Are reviews delayed?

Is the date shown on the review of a system actually from the day the person left the review? I ask just because of this review. It appears either as though the person simply doesn’t think much of the recent performance or they left the review before March. It does seem surprising that I only have 3 reviews yet two of them were on the same day.

What’s so unusual about that?
Keep up the good work.

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Just seems surprising that I had no reviews for about 11 months then three in 1 month and two on the same day. I am just curious if C2 delays the how long before you can review a strategy or if reviews are not posted for a while after they are made.

Well, there was a relatively flat period on your equity curve last year, but now your C2 strategy is gaining momentum and picking up speed, thus the increased interest.
You should be happy about that, no? :wink:

Did you read the review in the photo take note of the date then compare it to the circled area on the graph? Person asked what is the plan for a bear market after the recent drop in the market.

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This is the most puzzling part! InteractiveAssets managed to return more than 40% during the February-Mars 2020 (Covid) stock market crash and yet this subscriber is worrying about the performance of his system during a …bear market ?!?

Does not make any sense at all. :thinking:

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